Ikki : Drums

A graduate from a renowned Japanese music college, became a Heavenese member shortly after uninvitedly jumping behind the drum and playing with the band during an event.

Idy : Bass

After his dramatic encounter with Marré, he changed his outlet of expression from beer bottles to the bass guitar.

Ryo : Keyboard

The youngest member, fell in love with Gospel music after hearing HEAVENESE play.

Naoya : Sax

Jazz is in his blood, his grandfather was a famous clarinet player in Japan and his uncle a trombone player.

Ryu : Background Vocal

A vocalist by profession as an opera singer, he performs in prestigious Japanese theaters.

Maki : Background Vocal

Studied piano and graduated from the most elite music school in Japan, centers her post-graduate music career around being a vocalist of HEAVENESE, while working on her own career.

Arqese : Background Vocal & Rap

Rapper, basing his activities in LA, has his own group called Christside Souljahz.

Lue : Taiko Drums

Started playing Taiko at the age of 15.
She masterfully and beautifully plays for many taiko-drum units.

Yuta : Shakuhachi