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"The Bridge" is an event hosted by Marre who is the owner of Kick Back Cafe and also a best selling author, a musician, a counselor, and a pastor.

Marre speaks on topics ranging from business to human relationships to love and uses the Bible as a resource in a nonreligious way. These talks are intended to provide insight on how to live wisely.
Admission is free, but if you want to enjoy some good food and drinks, bring a little cash with you.

Marre is currently in the midst of the well received series "Yamatodamashi".
This series looks at Japanese history with the goal of helping Japanese have a positive view of Japan and themselves as Japanese.

Marre also has the "Triumphant Life" series which is very popular among business men and a series from his book "Words from the Ancient Jewish Wisdom".
It is quite possible that the things you hear at "The Bridge" you will not hear anywhere else.

"The Bridge" opens with the internationally known Gospel unit Heavenese.
The past two years they toured the U. S. with great success.
You will experience Heavenese up close and personal in the at-home environment of Kick Back Cafe.

KBC is inviting with its relaxing atmosphere and delicious meals.
It is a great place to relax, talk and listen to a wide range of music from all generations.

Don't be surprised to see a well known guest on stage as they perform at "The Bridge" from time to time.

Every Wednesday night
open 6:30pm / start 7:30pm
(in the city of Chofu, Tokyo)
Admission is free

The last order before the event is 7:00 p.m.
You may order meals and drinks after the event. KBC closes at 11:00 p.m.

"The Bridge" is a by-reservation event.
Please contact us if you want to attend.

■For reservations, questions and information■
Tel : 03-3326-8587
E-mail : office@committed-inc.com

■ Messenger:Marre

Recognized author, musician, counselor, and seminar speaker.

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Heavenese is a Gospel unit composed by Marré and his wife Kumiko.
Heavenese released its first CD in the U.S. in the fall of 2012.
This is Heavenese's debeut album in the U.S. and was released on Sheila E's label Stiletto Flats Music.
It was produced by the king of Gospel, Andraé Crouch, who has won nine Grammy Awards.

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■ DJ:Tiger

He demonstrates his keen mind as an announcer for music and sports events on TV.